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ReflectWILinks is a tool to restore your Work Items links after a TFS to TFS migration.


Why ?

When you perform a TFS to TFS migration with the TFS Integration Platform, you sometimes have to use multiple queries to select the source work items set. It’s always better to define a single WI query to select your source work items because this guarantees that work item links will be properly migrated (provided that every pair of WI is included in your query).

If you cannot avoid using multiple queries, then is small utility is for you, it will restore the work item links in your freshly migrated work items, even if they come from different team projects (because links can exist between WIs of different team projects).

You’ll need it if for example you plan to migrate multiple team projects into a single one.

All-in-all, this is very small Codeplex project, it’s just filling a specific gap. It should not be helpful for many, but may be very useful to a few.

The story behind this tool is told here on the author’s blog.


The utility will also fill gaps for any missing links it finds. It is idempotent: you can launch it many times, it will only add what’s missing. This is useful if you plan a complex migration, you can start migrating all work items (with TFS Integration tools) a long time ago, and all the links as well with this utility. To achieve the migration as planned, prevent users from updating your WIs anymore, and perform a last pass on both the work items and the links.


You’ll find the install and configuration guides here.


Please feel free to report your issues or ask any question and feedback in the appropriate sections of this Codeplex project.

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